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If you are looking to host a private dining event and want to buy out a section of the restaurant, we do offer buy-outs.

Here are some basic details:

Partial Buy-Outs: We consider parties of 23 to 40 guests to be partial buy-outs. On Mondays through Thursdays, partial buy-outs start at $5k

*For a full buy-out on a day the restaurant is closed, if possible, the event will start at $20k.

*All prices agreed on will be before Taxes and 22% Gratuity.

*We do offer ways to make your event special. Whether you'd like your event to be Aperetivo and Cocktail Style, Buffet, or Family Style, as well as pre-selected wines or cocktails. Menus and details can be discussed with our Events Team.

To book Storico Fresco Buy-Outs: e-mail us at

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