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Our Efforts Towards Sustainability

The Storico Ristorante Group is going greener! We are proud to announce that we are now expanding our sustainability initiatives throughout all restaurants, where we can meet our present needs while working to preserve our planet, so that future generations can meet their future needs. We can see this is the direction the hospitality industry is moving towards, and are proud to spearhead this initiative and to influence others to join us. We are excited for our restaurants to move towards a positive direction that can benefit our planet by reducing our carbon footprint, daily waste and labor. 




Eliminate plastic and introduce bamboo disposable to-go containers, flatware, and agave or reusable metal straws

Replace HVAC systems with electronic smart thermostats to regulate heat and cold on a schedule

Replacing paper towels with hand blow-dryers

Replacing our pre-packaged water bottles with filtered alkaline water systems, still and sparkling

Using beer and Prosecco on draft to eliminate bottle usage

Chemical-free soaps

Sending used fry oil to energy production plants rather than landfill

Replacing most lighting with LED bulbs

Implement non-plastic trash bag liners with a biodegradable alternative

Minimizing daily food waste by means of buying fresh and local as well as high quality foods that are canned, jarred, and dried.

A more permanent menu, meaning less printing as well as a more reliable selection for our guests



Reduce waste by 83% before 2023

Increasing our local food sources

Eliminate current mercury thermometers inside refrigerators with electronic thermometers

Implementing improved options for heat resources for our outdoor seating

Improve insulation on doors and UV ray film on all windows 

Composting all fruit and vegetable waste

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